Need a Fresh Container Gardening Idea? Create a Container Garden With the Entire Family

If you are looking for a fun family weekend project, I would suggest trying container gardening. This is something the entire family will enjoy doing together because it appeals to all ages. It’s an easy, fun and inexpensive way for the family to spend some quality time together. And you will continue to enjoy watching your garden grow and flourish, knowing that you each took part in developing your family garden.

To get started, make a list of the things you will need to start your container garden. They should include: containers, plants, dirt and some small gardening tools. Now you need to choose the area were you will put your garden. This is one of the great things about this alternative way to garden; you can have a very small area and still grow whatever you like. A small balcony, a window box or a front porch can all be transformed into a beautiful and useful area. You may want to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs or a mix of all. If you are including children, you may want to look up some plants or take them to the garden center and let them choose their very own plants. Children will enjoy being included in the entire process, including the care of the garden once it is in place.

So with your list and some ideas in place, it’s time to load up the family and head to a home and garden center. You can start with seeds or small plants. There should be instructions on each that will tell you how large the plants will get and the ideal conditions they will grow in. You may want to find an experienced worker and explain to them that you are starting a container garden; they can be a font of information. They can also help you with decisions such as types of soil and fertilizers and information about the plants you choose.

Once you have all of the materials needed for your container garden, the real fun begins. Even big kids like to play in the dirt! You should place the containers in the areas you think you would like them. Then just plant the seeds or the plants and enjoy watching your garden grow. Soon you will have grown beautiful plants. You can now make fresh salads or a bright floral bouquet to add nature and beauty anywhere.

Most people who try container gardening get hooked right away. Once you see how easy the whole process is and how the whole family enjoys it, you will probably be expanding your garden every year. You really don’t need acres of land and farm equipment to enjoy gardening. Just a little time and imagination and you can grow your ideas anywhere.

I hopefully have inspired you to try container gardening as a family project. In this day and age when family time is so rare and budgets are low, we all need ideas that will keep our families close and connected. So enjoy!

Small Garden Ideas

Do you intend converting your small garden in such a manner that it looks more aesthetic and grand? If so, here are some tips. Plan well before you start beautifying. Have a clear idea about the purpose of your garden. Do you want it be one that adds beauty to your house or for outdoor entertainment? It could also serve the purpose of relaxing or exercising.

Privacy is important.
Fence your garden with the right materials to suit your needs. Select the right fence design so that your privacy is protected. If you have a common fence, do not bother. Peg some garden trellis to the common fence and plant some climbers to creep. The creepers will climb on the fence and cover the open areas.

Add garden furniture to the garden
A variety of garden furniture is available in the market. Furniture made out of cast iron and wicker is popular. Cast iron furniture is cheap, looks sleek and cute, has open frames and is easily movable. A set of 2 to 4 chairs with a table will be very useful. If space is available, allot a corner for fireplace.

Add beauty to the garden
Many garden ornaments are available for beautification. But do not crowd your garden with numerous ornaments as it will dwarf your garden size. You may also place a couple of large piece items instead of many small ornamental pieces. In asymmetrical gardens, it is good idea to have a small bridge with stone pebbles underneath. It is nice to have a fountain or a small pool.

You may carpet the garden with grass. A theme garden is an excellent idea with full of flowering plants with a single color of flowers or type of flowers. You may make your garden look big with a mirror or outdoor lighting.

Ideas to Decorate Your Small Garden

Most homeowners who have a small garden feel that its size can restrict their ideas. If you have a small garden that you want to convert into a classy area, then this article is for you. In this article, I have provided several tips that will help you decorate the outdoors. You can implement the tips that you find interesting and suitable for your garden.


There are several ways of decorating your garden. Before selecting a design or an idea, you must check whether the idea suit your needs. You must decide on the use of your outdoors before you decide on a plan. For instance, if you want the garden to relax and improve the look of your home, you can avoid buying exercise equipment. Instead you buy a few fountains and plant a few trees that will help in improving the decor of your home.


Before you start adding elements to your outdoors, it is important that you take steps to improve your privacy. Using the right fence will help you in defining your space. When selecting a fence, it is a good idea to buy a fence that will improve your privacy. You must also decide on the height and the design of fence you need. If you have a common fence that does not protect your privacy, you can cover it with garden trellis and climbing plants. Using garden trellis will not only improve your privacy but will also improve the decor of your home.


You must be careful when you buy furniture as you have limited space available in your garden. There are several varieties of garden furniture available in the market depending on your decor, budget and the space available in your garden. Most homeowners prefer using furniture made of cast iron or wicker because they are relatively inexpensive and can easily moved when required. If you have a small garden, you can buy a small table and two chairs for your garden. You can increase the number of chairs and the size of the table depending on space available. If you don’t want to buy expensive chairs and table, you can at least get a relaxing chair.


To improve the look of your garden, you can add various ornaments and implement some interesting and unique yard art ideas. However, avoid adding too many ornaments as it will occupy space and make your garden look smaller. You can also consider having a small pond or a small shed to improve the look of your garden. You can also install a fountain and add a few designer sculptures around it.